Indonesia Grieves, Artist Rina Gunawan Dies

SumselDaily - News Today, The sad news came from the Indonesian entertainment world, artist Rina Gunawan passed away on Tuesday (2/3/2021), at 18:45 WIB. The wife of senior actor Teddy Syach, Rina Gunawan died at Pertamina Simprug Hospital while undergoing treatment at the ICU.

Teddy Syach's wife died at the age of 46th. This news was confirmed by Evi, as manager of Rina Gunawan. While crying, Evi conveyed information via telephone to the media crew. However, Evi could not provide many explanations. He chose to wait for a statement from Teddy Syach. 

"Yes, passed away. But later, the details, just wait, Mr. Teddy," said Evi when contacted by the media crew, Tuesday (2/3/2021). It is known, the deceased's real name is Rina Mustikana Gumilang Gunawan, known as an Indonesian presenter and entrepreneur. His name is widely recognized by the Indonesian public as a presenter for talk shows on private television stations. This woman who was born on June 28, 1974 married Teddy Syah in 1999 and has two children.

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