South Sumatra is Ready to Anticipe Potencial Disaster in 2021

SumselDaily - News Today, The Governor of South Sumatra (Sumsel), H Herman Deru, attended the 2021 National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) for virtual disaster management with the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir H Joko Widodo, Wednesday (03/03/2021). 
In his briefing, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, IR H Joko Widodo said that disasters cannot be separated from the health and economic side. These health and economic aspects must be resolved collectively, at the regional, national and global levels. 

“Disaster management must be done quickly, innovatively and collaboratively. Moreover, Indonesia is listed as a disaster-prone country, and is included in the 35 disaster risk-prone countries in the world, "he said. He explained, based on the data he had from February 2020 to February 2021, there were at least 9 disasters that occurred every day in Indonesia. This figure, said Jokowi, is not a small number and must be a common concern. 

"The main key in disaster management is reducing risk, so that the preventive aspect should not be too late. The government, including the regions, must prepare well-planned disaster anticipations, "he explained. On the other hand, this number one person in Indonesia urges local governments to be sensitive to disaster-prone areas. Don't let any noise occur, or blame each other after a disaster. 

"Spatial planning must also pay attention to disaster aspects. Disaster-resistant infrastructure development must be considered properly, so that it can be realized and have a good impact on the community, "he explained.

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