Governor Attends 2021 HPN Commemoration

Sumsel Daily – News Today, The role of the media or the press is very important in handling the Covid-19 pandemic which is currently being carried out by various stakeholders. The production of the press is considered effective in stopping the spread of this dangerous virus, because the press can influence the mindset of the public towards preventing Covid-19 through education that is presented through the media, mainly related to the application of health protocols. “During the current Covid-19 pandemic, the press has always been at the forefront in presenting news including education on behavior change in facing the New Normal,” said Governor Herman Deru while attending the National Press Day (HPN) Commemoration at Griya Agung, Tuesday (09/02/2021).

Herman Deru further assessed that the role of the press is very important in conveying accurate, fast and reliable information to the public. Because of that, he invited the world of the Press as a government partner to be active and support government programs in achieving a just, prosperous, and prosperous society with proportional and balanced news coverage.

“I hope that the press can continue to channel the truth, channel facts, and people’s aspirations in an era of abundant information. The press is increasingly needed to become a pillar of enforcing truth-telling, as a pillar of upholding the aspirations in society, conveying facts, and to participate in building in the new normal era, ”he said.

The warning for HPN this time, continued HD, was interesting because the theme was “Press as the Accelerator of Change”. According to him, this theme is relevant to the situation in the life order that has changed a lot due to the Covid-19 pandemic. HD invites all members of the press to survive and continue to exist despite facing various challenges or economic threats as well as threats that result in the cessation of social activities.


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