Watching the Struggle Film Together, Inviting the Community and Personnel so as not to Forget the Struggle

SumselDaily - News Today, Entering the sixth day of the implementation of the Task Force (TMMD) Kodim 0418 Palembang on Jalan Taqwa Lorong Sungai Jawi RT 26 RW 07 Kelincah Sungai Kelurahan, Kalidoni Subdistrict, Palembang, members of the Task Force together with residents watched a film of struggle, Sunday (07/3/2021). 

Watching this struggle film together is one of the non-physical activities that are the targets of the 110th TMMD 2021. Watching together is also an activity to pass the time at night. 

"This activity is a means of entertaining the community. As well as strengthening the togetherness and unity of the TNI and the people," said Dansatgas TMMD Kodim 0418 Palembang, Colonel Inf Hrny Setyono. Watching this together so that personnel and society will never forget the struggles of the heroes first. (*)


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