The Arrest of 25 Kg Sabu Suspects in South Sumatra is Appreciated by Members of the Indonesian Parliament Eva Yuliana

SumselDaily News Today, Member of the DPR RI Commission III, Eva Yuliana, expressed her special appreciation to the police for their achievements in uncovering cases of drug trafficking in this type of methamphetamine with a sufficiently large amount of evidence. Shabu weighing 25 kg was found with the suspect in Sekayu City, Musi Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra (Sumsel).

The arrests were made by members of Unit 3 Sub 1 of the South Sumatra Police’s Narcotics Directorate. “High appreciation for friends of the police, Members of Unit 3 Sub 1 of the South Sumatra Police Narcotics Directorate. Sabu weighing 25 kg has been successfully secured as evidence. Amazing. Congratulations!” Eva said in her press release, Thursday (11/2/2021).

Based on the release of the case published by the South Sumatra Regional Police, (Wednesday, 10/2), the suspect on behalf of Taufik is strongly suspected of being a major dealer in Pali Regency, South Sumatra. Prior to his arrest, police officers had been investigating information about large drug transactions. The characteristics of the suspect who was driving a Mitsubishi Pajero BG 1527 P.

When the car stopped, the members immediately carried out the raid. Eva assessed that the achievements of the South Sumatra Regional Police could prove how ready and alert the power of the Bhayangkara corps is in carrying out the function of security and public order. In this case, the safety and public order from the dangers of drugs.

“Hopefully, the disclosure of this large-scale drug case will also continue to motivate friends of the police to continue to excel. Especially, related to the eradication of drug trafficking in Indonesia. Once again, the challenges of globalization with all the dynamics of disturbing security and order today require more energy from police colleagues. From the disclosure of this case, I am increasingly optimistic that our police can indeed be relied on, “said Eva ending her press release. (*)



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