Media Palembang is Ready to Take Part in the Success of TMMD to 110 Kodim 0418 Palembang

SumselDaily - News Today, Media crews in Palembang, both local and national, attended Kodim 0418 Palembang. The arrival of the media crew to Makodim 0418 Palembang, to participate in the success and full support of the implementation of TMMD 110 Kodim 0418 Palembang. 

In this face-to-face activity, the Dandim 0418 Palembang who was also the 110th TMMD Task Force Colonel Inf Heny Setyono SPsi MSi accompanied by Acting Pasi Intel Captain Inf Okmansyah welcomed the good intentions of the media who wanted to take part in the success of the 110th TMMD activities. 

The TMMD Dansatgas would like to thank the media crew for their full support for the success of the 110th TMMD activities of the 0418 Palembang Military Command. 

"What we want to achieve, can be achieved but in a sportsmanship way. I don't want what I want to achieve using illegal means. I want it to be legal, so what is produced is also the best, "said Dandim in front of the media crew, Monday (08/03/2021). The Dandim also suggested that media crews participate in the competition that was held in the 110th TMMD activity. Kodim, giving freedom for media crews to explore all activities in the field. "Please help and support, to produce good results for everything," concluded the Dandim. (*)


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