Governor Opens Nusantara Eagle Championship Cup 1 2021

SumselDaily – Sport, The Governor of South Sumatra Province (Sumsel), H Herman Deru (HD) opened the Hawk Nusantara Cup 1 202 Championship, as well as marking the outfit of Graha at Insani Airport as the new masas for Eagle Nusantara Palembang, Sunday (24/1/2021).       The championship it self was marked by beating the shuttlecock by the Governor, then followed by a match between the South Sumatra Governor, Herman Deru and the Head of South Sumatra Koni, Hendri Zainuddin against the PBSI Sumsel pair, Amrullah and PBSI Palembang, Ratu Dewa.

Herman Deru said, South Sumatra will continue to provide guidance for athletes even though it is still in the state of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Coaching should not only be interpreted correctly within the organization and its structure. However, coaching must also touch on various aspects including finance and skills,” he said.

He explained that although health protocols must be implemented, the championship event must be held regularly. “This event can be an encouragement for athletes in pursuing creation,” he said. He said, so far South Sumatra has had a number of representative sports facilities. So that its use must be supported by serious efforts to develop athletes in producing reliable players.

“Sports are not only getting the benefits of sports, but also the benefits of friendship. Sports must be a necessity, not only done at certain times,” he said. According to him, if you have talked about sports, then one’s background must be ignored, including political background, ethnicity, position and so on.



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