Governor Inaugurates Dozens of Infrastructure in Ogan Ilir District

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SumselDaily – News Today, The inauguration of infrastructure in Ogan Ilir Regency was marked by drum beatings, breaking of jugs and observing the road by the Governor of Herman Deru, the Regent of OI, Ilyas Panji Alam and local Forkopimda elements.

“This infrastructure development answers the wishes of the community. Both the answer comes from the handling of infrastructure which is the authority of the Provincial Government through the Regional Budget. As well as the handling of infrastructure due to the lack of financial capacity of the regencies / cities through the Special Governor’s Assistance (Bangubsus),” Governor Herman Deru said when delivering his remarks during the inauguration of the infrastructure, which is centered in Meranti Market, Meranjat Ilir, South Inderalaya District, Ogan Ilir Regency, Thursday (04/02/2021) afternoon.

According to Herman Deru, Ogan Ilir Regency should have developed. Moreover, the Regency is a buffer area for Palembang City.“Development here must be accelerated. Moreover, here there is a large education center such as Universtas Sriwijaya which is the concern of many people.

There is a lot of potential that must be developed in this regency,” he added.He added that the rapid development in Ogan Ilir District is not only the responsibility of the government. But it is also the responsibility of the community. Because there are rights and obligations.

“We all have a role in the success of development. The government has rights and obligations. Likewise with the community. One of the obligations of the community is to protect and maintain the infrastructure that has been built by the government whose money also comes from the people,” hoped HD.

With the better condition of infrastructure in OI Regency, HD hopes that it can boost people’s economic income. Therefore, he asked the local community to be creative in various local businesses that should be developed. Because not all regions in South Sumatra have the same potential as Ogan Ilir.




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