Establishing closeness, The 110th TMMD Task Force for Maghrib Prayers in Congregation with the Community

SumselDaily - News Today, After carrying out the physical work of TMMD, members of the 110th TMMD Task Force at Palembang Military Command 0418 performed evening prayers in congregation with residents of Lorong Sungai Jawi, Sunday (7/3/2021). 

"Even though the TMMD Task Force members are busy pursuing TMMD's physical work targets, they still maintain their worship. Every time they enter prayer time, TMMD personnel always carry out congregational prayers with residents," said Danstagas TMMD Kodim 0418 Palembang, Colonel Inf Heny Setyono. 

Heny said, work and worship must be balanced, therefore the personnel of the TMMD Task Force do not only carry out work activities. But also carry out religious activities and prayers with the community. 

"So that in implementing TMMD, Allah SWT will be given fluency, convenience and safety," he said. Still said Heny, in addition to being a means of increasing faith and devotion to the creator. Prayers in congregation are also a means of communication between the TMMD Task Force. 
To, mingle with the community, in order to create social communication with the citizens, in this way the unity of the TNI and the People will be created.


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