20 People got Assimilate Banyuasin Prison

Sumsel Daily – News Today, The Banyuasin Class IIA Correctional Institution (Lapas), South Sumatra (Sumsel), assimilated 20 members of the Banyuasin Prison on Monday (8/2/2021). This assimilation is carried out in the context of preventing and overcoming the spread of Covid-19. This was conveyed directly by the Head of the Banyuasin Class IIA Prison through the Head of Guidance for Prisoners and Students (Binadik) Febryanto.

According to him, this home Assimilation and Integration program is a further step from the amendment to Ministerial Regulation (Permen) Number 10 of 2020. As well as the Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Law and Human Rights Number 32 of 2020 by the Indonesian Directorate General of Corrections.

“Regarding the home assimilation and integration program this year, starting from January 1, 2021 to June 31, 2021. The assimilation of this house is a process of coaching prisoners to blend directly with the community in their environment,” he said. Febri added, the WB Banyuasin Prison who received house assimilation had also been selected when he had served half the sentence and was of good character. Then two thirds, not later than June 31, 2021.


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